The Vegan Choice – What Is It?

The Vegan Choice – What Is It?

I recently saw an episode of the Dr. Oz show and was enlightened as to the Next Big Thing in ‘Diets:  right now it’s The Pegan Diet!  (That’s pronounced the same as Vegan, just with a “P” in front).  The Pegan Diet will be immediately recognized by actual Vegans as an oxymoron because it’s a combination of being Vegan and Paleo, the latter of which is basically high protein animal meat products and virtually eliminating grains.  From our point of view, combining no animal products WITH animal products kinda defeats the whole philosophy behind Veganism!  But it is understandably popular because it is an easier way of eating Vegan…gets around that whole having to give up meat part.

Aside from the cockeyed food focus on this diet, there’s a bigger issue, in that this Pegan thing is a diet…this implies something temporary with a start and end.  The decision to be Vegan is a lifestyle choice; it’s not something you merely USE until you’ve lost X number of pounds.  Those of us who have already been through that transition already know that merely changing to Vegan usually carries a free bonus of weight loss.  But in this case that’s a delightful sort of side effect, not the main event. 

Maybe I should just be happy that more people are even paying attention to the concept of veganism.  But all they’re really incorporating in this is to eat a bunch of veggies, which, of course, is always a positive.  That’s because it’s just a transitory change, which is the nature of diets.  Veganism is a life decision, but there’s more to it than merely what you eat.  It speaks to your outlook on your place on the planet.


Jan Mussell

The Veggie View

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