A little bit about me!

A little bit about me!

Hi!  Greetings from Des Moines, Iowa.  Farm country.  Among other crops and food products, that’s pork country…but happily for Porky and his family members, not by me.  I’m a vegan.

I’m no Spring Chicken myself; let’s just say I somehow wandered into my 60th decade without paying attention to exactly when it actually happened.  (I mean I know my birthday is in April; just being in my 60’s only really registered within the last year and I’ve been here a couple of years).  I’ve only become a vegan during the past year, although it has been natural and easy for me and is a permanent change.  While I had played around with being vegetarian off and on since my 30’s, I became a full time vegetarian some time between nine years ago.  My first time was after reading the initial printing of Francis Moore Lappe’s classic Diet for a Small Planet.  That was back in the day when it was a full time job trying to keep track of your protein complements to desperately attempt to create full proteins to maintain your health.  Plus, your meal options were like, beans and rice.  That’s it.  My second time I lasted longer; I stayed vegetarian for a year after reading John Robbins’ Diet for a New America in the late 80’s…until I found myself gaining weight on the excessive carbs I was consuming and left it to jump onto the Atkins bandwagon (where I ended up with cholecystitis and having to have my gallbladder removed).  My final persuader was watching the film Food, Inc. which came out in 2008.  It’s still available on DVD.  Look for it and see it; it’s amazing!  Anyway, I made my switch to veggie nine years ago equally for two reasons:  for my health and because I love animals and see no need to slaughter them in order to cannibalize them. 

One particular talent I have is the ability to read a new recipe and know whether or not I will like it.   In this manner I usually am able to try out a minimum of two new recipes a week (one a lunch and one a dinner recipe).  On Sundays I make a week’s worth of lunches and a week’s worth of dinners.  It’s genuinely rare that I make something I dislike too much to be willing to eat throughout the week; if so, I always have some yummy leftovers for myself in the freezer.  Now, I live alone with my Shih Tzu Loki; that weekly cooking schedule works for me; that’s just one of my quirks that I devised.  I also have a form of muscular dystrophy that totally drains my energy by late afternoon, right at “dinner fixing” time, and I just can’t do it then.  So this was my personal solution.  Do you have situations that are keeping you from fixing healthy, fresh veggie food?  Write us about it and maybe we can all brainstorm at this website and help you out!

Anyway, I love looking at new recipes.  There will always be new recipes on this newsletter, both vegetarian and vegan.  Because readers following both lifestyles are welcome, and we are all joined in not eating food with a face!

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